Do I need to add WWW to my domain name in an email signature?

Www in an email signature

WWW in Email Signatures: Do You Need It?

When looking at email signatures, you might notice some domain names include “www” and others don’t. Here’s why it doesn’t matter:

WWW is Obsolete

Originally, “www” was a subdomain used to identify a website’s location on a server. Today, users understand “.com” and other extensions to be web addresses, making “www” unnecessary.

Used to exist for the purpose of identifying a web address, but this is now obsolete because people understand what a domain name is.

So, why is WWW used so frequently? The use of WWW has been around since the start of the internet, and its continued widespread use as a subdomain has caught on by accident.

The first web server was When publishing the website, the creators fully intended for to be their home page, and WWW, as such, was excluded. The Domain Name System (DNS) records for the server were never switched, and the use of WWW became an unintentional standard practice.

Major brands never use WWW when displaying their domain name in print. It makes it harder to read and harder to remember.

There is a whole website dedicated to dropping www

Habit Over Necessity

“WWW” persists due to its historical use. The first website unintentionally became accessible through “www” and the practice stuck.

Shorter is better

The purpose of listing a company’s URL / domain name in print or other branding, to encourage the viewer to remember the address to visit it later. And for this reason shorter URL / domain names have been preferred as this is easier to remember memorable.

Removing WWW domain name has no bearing on the SEO. 

Major Brands Ditch WWW

Leading companies avoid “www” in print for better readability and memorability. There’s even a movement to drop “www”:

Shorter is Sweeter

Email signatures should encourage viewers to remember the website. Removing “www” creates a cleaner, more memorable address.

SEO Unaffected

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t impacted by including or omitting “www”.

WWW in email signatures

Any company’s URL in an email signature has two purposes; one should be for the viewer to identify, recognise and remember the domain name, but of course they should be clickable, to lead you through for the recipient to view the Companies website. Neither of these purposes require listing the URL with WWW.

For many years marketeers or project managers and others have, in their ignorance, told designers and developers to continue add www to domain names.

Most people recognise that a .com or at the end is a domain name (as for the new suffixes I cover that below)

Another ’w‘ is a major crime

Worse still you see this in email signatures:


or with a colon


it can get worse


Not only is the WWW superfluous, the email signature designer has rammed it home by reinforcing that it’s definitely a domain name, by pre-fixing it with yet another fourth W!

this is usually combined with the labelling of telephone numbers and email addresses such as this:


Just in case you were unsure what an email address looks like.

WWW in the mirosign app

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