Can I have an animated logo on my email signature?

Yes you can! The only way to have an animated logo in your email signature is to upload your company logo as an animated GIF when adding your logo to Mirosign. This is the only format possible because this is the only format that will display in most recipients email applications. Maximum file size is 1 MB.

Some examples of animated logos used in email signatures:

Find out from your company design department whether you have an animated version of your company logo, if so, ask them for an animated GIF version. Then when using the Mirosign Team email signature generator upload this animated GIF to the logo field. The logo will appear animated in most recipients email applications except Microsoft Outlook.

Animated GIFs and Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook, by default, does not allow animated GIF to display animated but will show the first frame of the animation static. Animated GIFs are supported by Outlook both on Windows and Mac. To see it yourself, you have to make sure you have the “Play animated GIFs” enabled in Options / Advanced / Display section in your Outlook. And of course all your recipients will have to do the same if they are using Microsoft Outlook.

Play animated GIF graphic

Animated GIFs in Outlook for Web 

Unfortunately, Outlook for Web (OWA) currently doesn’t support embedding animated GIFs directly within email signatures.

This may be something that our in-house designers at Mirosign might be able to help with by producing an animated version of your company logo by hand. Please see our bespoke build page or contact us here.

Any further questions?

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