How does the Mirosign team HTML email signature generator work?

The Mirosign email signature team generator is a hosted web app that can be sent to all your staff so that they themselves can customise and install their branded HTML email signature while remaining consistent with other team members.

The Mirosign email signature team generator requires only one user to design the signature but unlimited number of staff member’s email signatures can be generated.

  • Ensure consistency across teams
  • No gathering of personal data
  • No re-routing of emails
  • Unlimited team signatures
  • Updatable banner promo image
  • No extra software installation
  • Remote loading graphics – no attachments
  • Cross-platform
  • Fields that can be locked and unchangeable
  • Cancel that can be amended such as phone number or email address

The final result will be your own branded generator page, which will look something like this

How to use the Mirosign email signature team generator

How Mirosign works

Mirosign features and benefits

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