How to add a Christmas message banner in an email signature

Overlay your text on one of these banners then use Mirosign to create your email signature – change it in the New Year to a new message for automatic update to all staff email signatures

Add a Festive Touch to Your Email Signatures

The holiday season is nearly here, and it’s a great time to show some cheer and appreciation to your email recipients. Whether you’re sending emails to your customers, colleagues, friends, or family, adding a festive touch to your email signatures can make your messages more personal and memorable.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to use a Christmas message in your email signature. A Christmas message is a short and sweet way to wish your recipients a happy holiday and thank them for their support or cooperation throughout the year. It can also help you promote your brand, products, or services, or invite your recipients to check out your social media pages or website.

But how do you create a Christmas message that stands out and reflects your personality or business? Here are some tips and examples to inspire you.

Use the Mirosign promo banner graphic

The Mirosign promo banner graphic element is a banner included at the end of your email signature that can be regularly changed and updates all staff members email signatures. This graphic can be changed for a Christmas message or promotion for the festive season and then changed back in the New Year!

How do I add a promo banner to the email signature?

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Making a Christmas banner graphic

  • Choose a tone that matches your audience and purpose. Depending on who you’re emailing and why, you may want to use a formal, casual, humorous, or creative tone for your Christmas message. For example, if you’re emailing a potential client, you may want to keep it professional and polite. But if you’re emailing a close friend, you can be more playful and funny.
  • Use festive imagery or icons to add some color and flair to your signature. You can use images or GIFs of Christmas trees, snowflakes, stars, presents, or gingerbread cookies to make your signature more eye-catching and festive. Just make sure the images or icons are not too large or distracting, and that they match the overall design of your signature.
  • Include a call-to-action or an offer if you want to boost engagement or sales. If you have a special holiday offer, a new product launch, or an upcoming event that you want to promote, you can include a call-to-action or an offer in your Christmas message. For example, you can say “Don’t miss our amazing holiday deals!” or “Join us for our virtual Christmas party!” and link to your landing page or registration form. This can help you generate more leads, conversions, or sign-ups from your email recipients.
  • Keep it short and simple. Your Christmas message should not be too long or complicated. It should be easy to read and understand, and convey your main message clearly. Aim for one or two sentences at most, and avoid using jargon, slang, or abbreviations that may confuse your recipients. Remember, less is more when it comes to email signatures.

Here are some examples of Christmas messages that you can use or adapt for your email signatures:

  • Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous new year! Thank you for being a loyal customer of [your company name].
  • May this Christmas bring you joy, peace, and happiness. We appreciate your continued support and cooperation throughout this challenging year.
  • It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We hope you enjoy every moment of it with your loved ones. Don’t forget to check out our latest blog post on [topic].
  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from [your name] and the team at [your company name]. We look forward to working with you again in 2023.
  • Ho ho ho! Santa has a special gift for you this year: [your offer]. Hurry up and claim it before it’s gone!
  • Have yourself a merry little Christmas! We’re so grateful for your friendship and partnership this year. Let’s stay in touch on [social media platform].
  • All I want for Christmas is you…to be happy and healthy! Thank you for being such an amazing [colleague/friend/family member]. You rock!
  • Deck the halls with boughs of holly…and don’t forget to update your email signature with our festive banners! They’re free and easy to use. Just click here to get started.

We hope these tips and examples have helped you create a festive email signature that suits your style and needs.

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