How to use the Mirosign email signature individual generator

Perhaps it’s just you and you have no need of multiple email signatures for a large staff team. You’re your own boss, numero uno, out there on your own, answering to no one, but you still need a professional looking corporate email signature but you don’t want to pay the earth or sign up to a monthly contract.

For our lower price you can design your own single, personal platform-independent, professional HTML email signature for use by you alone. There is no need for a company email signature generator page and perhaps you’ve already designed it on our homepage.

Just tune your signature to your requirements and press get your signature button. We will host your company logo and social media icons and make sure they are served remotely so that it doesn’t appear as an attachment in your recipients email inboxes.

And remember you can always upload a portrait photo of yourself instead of a logo on the Mirosign individual email signature generator.

Any further questions?

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