Create a Team Signature with Mirosign

A team signature is a great way to make sure that all of your team members have a consistent and professional email signature. With Mirosign, you can easily create and manage team signatures in just a few clicks.

The Mirosign email signature team generator requires only one user and if you’re reading this that’s probably you! Perhaps you are a marketing coordinator, IT officer, brand manager or graphic designer for your company, if so, you will be the email signature designer for your company.

You will get to design the master template and create your company’s own consistently branded generator from which all the companies email signatures will be produced with.

Use the Mirosign team email signature designer to:

  • Fill in your company details such name, address and website
  • Upload and choose the position of your company logo
  • Choose the font best suited for your company’s email signatures
  • Add social media links, if required
  • Apply your company brand colours to the text of the email signature
  • Lock certain company wide fields so your staff can’t edit them—such as office phone number
  • Publish your dedicated generator page and share it with your staff.

Staff team members:

  • Visit this generate a page and add their personal details such as their name, email address, gender pronouns and mobile phone number
  • Download and install their own version of the company email signature.

Any further questions?

If you’re still having issues using Mirosign or we haven’t answered your question here, please get in touch and we can help you in person.

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