HTML Email Signature in the NEW Outlook

The New Outlook for Windows is a free app for Windows users that combines the features and functionalities of the Mail, Calendar, and People apps into one modern interface. The new Outlook for Windows is available for personal accounts through the Microsoft Store on Windows 11 and was included in the 26th September 2023 Windows fall update. If you have a Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription, you will also get additional benefits and features on the new Outlook for Windows.

To get the New Outlook for Windows for your work 365 account, you need to be an Office Insider and running Beta Channel or Current Channel (Preview) builds

If you have this selected option in your existing outlook turned on in the top right, then you have access to the new outlook

How to install HTML email signature in the new outlook

As the New outlook is based on the web version of Outlook, the HTML email signature installation has a very similar method; your email signature needs to be displayed in a web browser and then copied and pasted into the email signature settings of the new outlook.

Create your signature

Create your email signature in

Download your HTML email signature

On and click Download HTML

Open the email signature in a web browser

Open the downloaded HTML file in a browser such as Google Chrome or FirefoxMicrosoft Edge (Not Safari as it may cause formatting issues). It’s usually in your downloads folder.

Select then Copy the browser display of your email signature

In your web browser, click anywhere on the signature and press Command+A on Mac or Ctrl+A on windows, to highlight the entire signature.


Then copy the entire signature by 
right clicking on your mouse Copy or, 
Ctrl+C on windows or  
Command+C on Mac

Access the signature settings in the New Outlook

Select the settings icon from the top menu

Click on View all Outlook settings

Click on Signatures in the list menu

Select the email account you wish to apply the signature to and then name the signature Mirosign

Paste the signature

Click in the signature box and right click on mouse to Paste or
Ctrl+V on windows or  
Command+V on Mac

Choose Mirosign as the signature as default signature For New Messages (and for replies/forwards if you require)

Then click Save

Close the box at the top and create a new email. Your HTML signature should appear in the message body.

This great video also shows the installation process!

Any further questions?

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