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How to install html email signature on gmail app iPhone iOS

  1. Create your email signature in

Add to web-based version first

2. The Easiest way is to setup your email signature in your web-based version of Gmail by following these instructions. Once it has been setup in your web-based version, your iPhone will automatically use the email signature too.

Wait 4 hours!

3. Wait 4 hours for the web-based Gmail server to sync with your mobile device’s Gmail App. Now your email signature will automatically be added to your email messages sent from your iPhone if you are using the Gmail App on iOS. Please note you won’t see the email signature on the app, but it will be added.

4. Turn the Mobile Signature option off in the Gmail App settings. If you have previously included a Mobile Signature in the options in the Gmail App itself, you need to turn it off as this will override the signature from web-based gmail. You can do so in the Gmail App by going to Settings > Select your mail account > Signature Settings > Switch Signature to Off.

How to install HTML email signature in the web-based version of Gmail

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