iPhone iOS Mail app HTML email signature installation guide

There is no direct way of getting an HTML email signature onto the iPhone mail app (or on iPad). You have to create the signature for a desktop app, then send it to your iPhone then copy and paste the signature into the iPhone settings. To install on an iPad follow the same instructions but substitute iPad for iPhone.

Step 1 — Install your email signature using one of the other desktop methods

Step 2 — Send yourself an email with your new signature

Step 3 — Copy signature

Open the received email in Mail app on your iPhone

Find a part of the signature text that is not a web or email link. Press and hold this text.

The context menu will appear over the text. Tap Select All to select the entire signature, then press Copy.

Step 4 — Paste signature

Navigate in the iPhone Settings to Mail > Signature (right at the bottom under COMPOSING) and then to the appropriate account text box, either All Accounts or Per Account if you have multiple accounts / signatures.

Press and hold to Paste the signature in the box below

Step 5 — Re-format signature styling

The signature will initially look a bit large and perhaps mangled or unformatted:

Now—as crazy as this sounds; shake your phone. It will act as the normal ‘undo’ feature. A box should pop up saying, ‘Undo Change Attributes’.

Click undo to return the signature to the correct size.

Return to the main screen of Mail app create a new message to check your signature is working.

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