Outlook.com (web mail) HTML email signature installation guide

Also called Outlook on the web or Outlook web app.

Step 1 — Create your signature

Create your email signature in Mirosign.com.

Step 2 — Access the signature settings in Outlook.com

When logged into Outlook.com, click on the settings cog ⚙️ in the top right corner.

On the search all settings box, type: Signature

Select Email signature from the list of results.

Click + New signature and enter Mirosign.com email signature in the box

Step 3 — Copy your HTML signature code

In a new browser window return to Mirosign.com and click Download HTML.


Open the downloaded HTML file in a Google Chrome or Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Not Safari as it may cause formatting issues).

Click anywhere on the signature and press Command+A on Mac or Ctrl+A on windows, to highlight the entire signature.


Then copy the entire signature by
right clicking on your mouse Copy or,
Ctrl+C on windows or
Command+C on Mac

Step 4 — Paste in Outlook.com

Return to outlook.com on the other page, click in the signature body and right click on mouse to Paste or
Ctrl+V on windows or
Command+V on Mac

You should end up with something like this (don’t worry the lines will disappear!).

Then click Save

Close the box at the top and try a New message to test

Any further questions?

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