Outlook for iPhone iOS app HTML email signature installation guide

There is no direct way of getting an HTML email signature onto the iPhone Outlook app. You have to create the signature for a desktop app, then send it to your iPhone then copy and paste the signature into the iPhone settings. To install on an iPad follow the same instructions but substitute iPad for iPhone.

This requires 2 steps:

Step 1 — Build and install your email signature using one of the other desktop methods

Step 2 — Send yourself an email with your new signature and copy it into Outlook for iPhone iOS app

Step 3 — Add email to Outlook app

Open the received email in Outlook app on your iPhone.

The context menu will appear over the text. Tap Select All, to select the entire signature then Copy.

Touch the back arrow top left to return to the main screen.

Touch the word Inbox to bring up this screen below.

Touch the small ⚙️ cog / gear icon in the bottom left corner to bring up the settings.

Touch the signature menu item.

Press and hold in the signature box and select paste.

It should look something like this.

Click the back arrow and close settings to return to the main inbox screen, then click the blue plus button in the bottom right hand corner to compose an email. Email signature should appear perfectly in this email.

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