Spark Mail Spark mail HTML email signature installation guide

Struggling with clunky email signatures? Spark simplifies the process. Create professional, designed signatures for each of your accounts and switch between them effortlessly. Spark lets you ditch the copy-paste and set default signatures to automatically appear in your emails, saving you time and keeping your communication consistent.

Step 1 — Create your signature

Create your email signature in

Step 2 — Open Spark Mail signature settings

  • Click Spark at the top left of your screen
  • Select Preferences > Signatures.
  • Tick Enable Signatures.
  • Click on the + icon at the bottom left to add a new signature.
  • Then click the HTML button top right

Step 3 — Copy HTML signature code

Click back to window and click the yellow copy HTML button below your email signature.

Step 4 — Paste HTML signature code

Return to Spark App and paste in the box like this:

Check the tick box for your the email address in the box called default for… at the bottom

Close the preferences box and click the pencil icon to write an email, your email signature should appear in the box like this:

Any further questions?

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