Why do I have to pay an annual subscription for Mirosign?

Email signature generator hosting

When you set up a team account with Mirosign you will have access throughout the year to your company email signature generator. Newly employed staff members can visit your generator and create their own signature, download and install. Existing staff can access to change details and re-download.

Email signature graphics hosting

Email signature images should be remotely hosted so that they load in from an external source—much like a web page. At Mirosign we remotely host your logo, social media icon images and additional promo banner on a dedicated image server which loads and caches on your recipients email client.

Mirosign uses image servers with a media optimizer and multi-CDN infrastructure for image uploads, storage, transformations, optimisations and delivery. This ensures optimised visual media assets that load quickly and clearly in recipients inboxes. The MetaDefender Anti-Malware Protection ensures the image server is reputable to avoid spam filtering by email recipients.

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