Why are my email signature images such as logo not showing in recipients email client?

There are several possible reasons why your email signature images are not showing in the recipients’ email client:

The recipients’ email client is blocking images

The recipients’ email client has image blocking enabled, which prevents the automatic loading of images in emails. This is a security feature that some email clients have to protect users from malicious or spam emails. To disable image blocking, the recipients need to go to their email client settings and make sure the option to download pictures automatically in HTML email messages or RSS items is checked.

The recipient need to download images

The recipient has to download the image manually. Some email clients do not display images automatically, but show a placeholder or an icon instead. The recipient has to click on the placeholder or the icon to download and view the image. This is usually indicated by a message or a prompt in the email.

Has your subscription has expired?

Subscription payments should automatically be made on the card when you first opened an account, but your subscription payment may have failed to renew, perhaps due to an expired debit or credit card? Please log in to mirosign and add a new debit or credit card to renew you subscription. 

When your subscription is renewed, your previously used logo and images will return to your email signatures.

See more information about subscription and billing here

Why does my email signature look messed up or wrong on reply emails?

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