Why does my email signature look bad in replies?

When your recipients receive an email containing your Mirosign email signature it will look just as you designed it.

Unfortunately, if they then choose to reply to this email, you are at the mercy of their email program or application that they are using to create the reply and sadly this may disrupt the design as there is no way of controlling how the signature is interpreted by other applications.

Some email clients have a plain text mode that strips away all the formatting and images from the email, leaving only the text. This can affect how your signature looks when someone replies to you.

  • The reason why your email signature looks different or messed up on reply emails is because the recipient’s email client changes the HTML code of your signature when it shifts from “reading mode” to “composing mode”.
  • This means that the recipient can alter your signature however they like or need, and you have no control over it.
  • However, this does not mean that the recipient received your signature in a messed up way. In most cases, your signature will look as you intended it to look when the recipient reads your email in “reading mode”.
  • There is no solution or workaround for this problem when using HTML email signatures. It is just the way that email clients work.

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