Why does my logo appear fuzzy or blurry?

Ever wondered why your email signature generator asks for a logo that’s just 160 pixels wide, even though your fancy new computer boasts a stunning retina display? It all comes down to ensuring a smooth experience for everyone you email.

Here’s the thing: when you reply to an email, your recipient’s signature often gets copied into the reply chain. The problem? Many email clients double the size of images in replies. This can make logos originally designed for a smaller size appear blurry or even gigantic on high-resolution screens.

Why we recommend smaller logos for your email signature

We prioritize a consistent and professional look for your emails across all devices. Imagine someone receiving your reply on their phone – a massive, pixelated logo could be off-putting. By using a smaller logo from the start (around 160 pixels wide), we ensure it displays correctly regardless of the recipient’s device or email client, even if it means sacrificing some crispness on retina displays.

We have to cater to a wider range of “screens” with varying capabilities, from desktops to laptops to mobile phones.

Here’s the good news: a smaller logo still gets the job done! It will clearly display your brand without overwhelming the recipient.

In short:

  • Smaller logos (around 160px wide) ensure consistent display across all devices and email clients.
  • Larger logos can appear blurry or gigantic in replies, especially on high-resolution screens.
  • We prioritize a professional look for your emails across all platforms.

What about retina displays?

We understand the desire for stunning visuals. While a smaller logo might not look razor-sharp on a retina display, it presents a cleaner and more professional image for the vast majority of email recipients.

We recommend focusing on the overall impact of your email signature. A clear, well-designed signature with a properly sized logo will leave a positive impression, regardless of the screen it’s viewed on.

Craving a Fully “Crisp” Logo?

While our generator works best with smaller logos, we understand some folks might crave a high-resolution version in their signature. If you absolutely must have a sharper logo,  write to our support team. We can manually add a high-resolution version of your logo, but please be aware that it might double in size when recipients reply to your emails.The choice is yours – consistency or maximum crispness (with a potential size increase)!

Any further questions?

If you’re still having issues using Mirosign or we haven’t answered your question here, please get in touch and we can help you in person.

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